19 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Project Management

Why Pursue a Bachelors in Project Management & Operations Management Online

Professionals working in this field may find that having a unique blend of creative problem solving, interpersonal techniques, and technological savvy is quite useful. A bachelors in project management & operations management online often combines applied science and innovative thinking to train students for a successful career. Your degree may... teach you the basic principles of general management, as well as the specific techniques inherent to effectively manage materials, equipment, information, and people.

Online degree programs may be an excellent way for working adults to go back to school, enhance their resumes, and possibly broaden employment opportunities. The time and money investment of getting an online bachelor degree may help you achieve your career goals and earn a four-year degree. You could discover the flexible scheduling of distance education, and you may find out what adult learners appreciate most about online learning.

Instruction for a bachelors in project management & operations management online is designed to convey to you the tactics often used to enhance the smooth functioning of departments, or companies. One aspect of this mission is logistics and transportation management, this subject focuses on the coordination it takes to get products and services to your organization’s customers, no matter where they are. You could learn how to create procedures for efficient logistics which could be critical to customer satisfaction, and may make you an invaluable employee.

Coursework for an Operations Management bachelor aims to cover the essentials needed for success in the field. You may experience online classes with topics similar to: Manufacturing and Production Systems, Productivity Analysis and Cost Control, Transportation and Supply Chain Logistics, and Industrial Labor Relations and Skilled Trade Supervision. You could come to understand issues such as production control in a variety of settings and how to create strategic manufacturing policy, and you may be able to play a vital role in any organization.

This degree could help you gain the professional abilities required to move into positions with job titles like: Plant Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Inventory Control Supervisor, and Transportation Manager. Your online operations management bachelor degree could provide you with the opportunity to develop competencies in areas that help make an operation efficient and profitable. Students also often learn about purchasing, materials planning, anticipating demand, and systems analysis.

Many students start their online college career with a bachelor degree, but it is possible to save time with an associate, if your credits are transferable. Upon completing a bachelor some students immediately enter the workforce, while others choose to go on to a more advanced program, like a master degree.


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