8 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Project Management

What is a PhD in Project Management Online?

A PhD in project management online is the highest academic achievement possible in the United States, and one that may lead to you becoming an expert in your field. Your advanced studies may prepare you to analyze and create innovative solutions to how business operations are run. You could gain... the knowledge to pursue leadership positions in the discipline of management science, where you may have the credentials to fill top executive functions.

After entering an online doctoral degree program, students often enjoy the benefit of a flexible schedule — something that busy working professionals appreciate. Distance education also levels the playing field in terms of geographical location. You could stay where you and your family have already established roots, while accessing reputable online college degrees across the country. It can be difficult to manage all the demands of work and family, especially with the added responsibility of attending school, but online learning may help to provide balance. You could go to school on your own time with the ability to attend class online, complete assignments, or interact with classmates and instructors whenever you have an Internet connection.

A PhD in project management online commonly focuses on imparting an in-depth knowledge of applied research and theoretical comprehension. Your degree experience may give you access to scholarly research that you may be able to apply in real-world scenarios. Earning this degree could provide students with the opportunity to utilize the knowledge base of professional organizations that are leading innovation in the field and earn the credentials needed to be seen as an expert in the field.

Online doctoral programs are available as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), or Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Organizational Management. While both types of degrees are at the same level of achievement, PhDs often concentrate more on research, and DBAs may have a greater emphasis on giving experienced business professionals greater techniques to take into consultancy, or executive corporate positions. Neither educational path excludes a particular career choice as both offer a clear understanding of the contemporary issues in organizational management, and familiarity with emerging research important in both arenas.

Graduates from an online organizational management doctorate degree program often go on to pursue careers in consulting, teaching positions, supply chain, manufacturing, purchasing, or other related industries. Some doctorate degree holders move into academic careers as professors or faculty at institutions of higher education. Others may find work in a university lab as a Senior Researcher, adding to the current information in the field through their research.


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