52 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Project & Operations Management

Potential Career Paths With an Online Masters in Project Management

You could prepare to become a leader in your organization with the ability to provide competent management of critical business systems. An online masters in project management commonly blends contemporary business practices and technology techniques that contribute to smoothly operating systems. Students may also learn to enhance the interpersonal communication... skills necessary to motivate collaborative effort and create alliances for profitability.

Adult learners at the master-level of study are considered graduate students, and are engaged at a rigorous standard of scholarly endeavor. Master degree programs offered in this discipline include Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MS), or Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Operations Management. Some accelerated programs for a master can be completed in only one year, with others requiring around three years to complete. Applicants are expected to have already earned a bachelor degree to enter this advanced degree program.

Your online masters in project management could help you make business decisions that will give your organization the competitive advantage. Whether working in the global marketplace or the domestic market, having advanced organizational abilities in business operations may give you new opportunities in your career, perhaps as the head of new projects. This type of degree often emphasizes evaluating, planning, developing and implementing strategies that increase productivity, reduce cost, and keep customers satisfied.

Students often work toward developing keen management techniques that could be applied across a broad range of business scenarios as they earn an online masters in project management. A few of the online classes that you are likely to see as core curriculum are Distribution and Procurement, Project Management, and Production Systems. You may also gain the knowledge you need to analyze the effectiveness of service operations, and operations strategies.

Distance education could be a great way for working professionals to go back to school and build a resume that will get noticed. Students are likely to appreciate the convenience of online master degree programs, with the scheduling flexibility that may allow them to balance work, home, and school. Regionally accredited colleges are now offering a great variety of master programs, with specializations such as Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Sourcing, and Project Management.

Get on the cutting edge and put your career on the fast track with an online operations management master degree. Your professional development and education could lead to positions such as Director of Organizational Management, Director of Organizational Development, Organizational Effectiveness Manager, Regional Operations Manager, and Director of Operations.


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