65 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Psychology

Online Bachelors Degree in Psychology

You may want to earn your online bachelors degree in psychology, but you feel a little lost on what psychology is. The field of psychology involves the interpretation of cognitive, social, and emotional processes and the study of human behavior. Someone working in psychology may be tasked with observing, recording,... and interpreting how people relate to their environments and to one another.[i] If you’ve often found yourself wondering why people behave in certain ways or what social influences change a person’s way of thinking, you may be an ideal student for an online bachelors degree program in psychology.

Some jobs that people with bachelors degrees in psychology may pursue include:

  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselors[ii]

    • Median annual salary of $38,520 in 2012

    • Entry-level education of a high school diploma or equivalent

    • Projected 31% job growth (much faster than average) through 2022

  • Social Worker[iii]

    • Median annual salary of $44,200 in 2012

    • Entry-level education of bachelors degree[iv]

    • Projected 19% job growth (faster than average) through 2022

  • Human Resources Specialist[v]

    • Median annual salary of $52,690 in 2012

    • Entry-level education of bachelors degree, high school diploma, or equivalent

    • Projected 21% job growth (faster than average) through 2022

  • Market Research Analyst[vi]

    • Median annual salary of $60,300 in 2012

    • Entry-level education of bachelor’s degree in psychology/social sciences, business administration, or communications[vii]

    • Projected 32% job growth (much faster than average) through 2022

Clinical psychologist with careers in the field said that active listening, complex problem solving, critical thinking, and problem sensitivity are some of skills and abilities they use on the job.[viii] School psychologists cited that effectively working with a group or team and the significance of being exact and accurate with their work was "extremely important.”[ix] By earning a bachelors in psychology online, you may be able to pursue a job in one of the many specialties of this exciting and enlightening field!

Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Beyond

Most counseling, clinical, and research psychologists are required to have earned a doctoral degree, and psychologists can work towards a PhD in psychology or a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree after a bachelor's degree in psychology has been earned.[x]

Since many psychologists and specialized psychology careers require a masters or doctorate degree, you might feel like you’ll never finish your education. But while earning your online bachelors degree in psychology, you may have the opportunity to pursue several different psychology-related careers and pursue internships that will contribute to your overall experience in the field, while you’re enrolled in masters and doctorate programs. Working towards your online bachelors degree in psychology is the first step to pursuing a doctorate degree in psychology.[x]

The program for a bachelors in psychology online might include courses such as[xi]:

  • Introduction to Psychology

  • History of Psychology

  • Research Methods

  • Statistics

  • Personality Development

  • Child and Adolescent Psychology

What’s the difference between BS in Psychology vs. BA in Psychology?

There is a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in psychology and a bachelor of science (BS) degrees in psychology. While a bachelor of science degree may be ideal for those who are looking for careers in research or medicine, a bachelor of arts degree in psychology is more suited for someone who aspires to go into social work, business, counseling, or education. Programs for these degrees will require students to complete varying requirements and take different courses, so be sure to look into each program carefully and base your decisions on what you hope to do in the future.

Are you now even more interested in earning your online psychology bachelor degree than you were before? Check out the programs below to get started on your future!

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