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All About an Online Public Health Degree

Public health is a growing area within the healthcare field and earning an online public health degree can aid you take advatange of these career opportunties. Public health differs from other types of healthcare in that it targets entire populations, rather than patient-by-patient; public health also focuses on prevention rather... than cures.

Jobs in public health are concentrated mostly in government entities at the federal, state, and local/municipal level (e.g. Department of Health), and in non-profit agencies that provide health and human services. Encompassing aspects of health education, public health workers design and implement programs that teach community members how to prevent disease and illness. This could include a city-wide anti-smoking poster campaign, nutritional pamphlets designed for public schools, or a free flu shot program based in a low-income neighborhood.

Public health also takes into account the social factors that hinder our health. For instance, children who have no access to playgrounds might be shown to have a higher likelihood of being obese. It would be the job of a public health worker to advocate that a recreation site be built in an underserved neighborhood. In this way, public health has as much to do with social and political issues as physical well-being.

An online public health degree are often offered at the bachelor level, but an advanced public health degree, such as a Master in Public Health (MPH) or Master in Health Care Administration (MHA), is key to career advancement in this field.


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