2 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Public Health

Online Bachelors Degree in Public Health

Earning an Online Bachelor Degree in Public Health

Individuals hoping to make an impact in Public Health may want at least an online bachelor degree in public health to explore the diverse career options that are available in this field. An online bachelors degree typically offers a strong academic foundation, which students may build upon during future educational... or professional pursuits.

Public Health is the science of monitoring and improving health in communities both locally and around the world through disease prevention, education, and other initiatives. Public Health professionals may take on varied roles, from educators and advocates to managers and administrators. Students may opt to pursue the area that most interests them in their online bachelors in public health, such as health communications, childhood wellness, health education, and more. Public Health educators are typically employed in public and private schools or in the community to teach best practices for wellness, nutrition, disease prevention, and other aspects of human health. Researchers and analysts work to discover new health data, breakthroughs, and preventative measures, while Public Health social workers deliver information and resources to those in need.

Typical employers of Public Health professionals are government agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions, though opportunities may also be available with private organizations, such as pharmaceutical or medical research companies. Graduate-level education may be necessary depending on a student’s career ambitions, but in general, earning an online bachelor degree in public health may be the first step to entering this exciting field.

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