36 Online Masters Degree Programs Available in Public Health

Online Masters in Public Health - Masters in Public Health Online

Potential Benefits of an Online Masters in Public Health

For those seeking professional opportunities that emphasize community involvement and social impact, earning an online masters in public health may be the start of a rewarding career path. This graduate degree builds on previous related education or experience, though students are usually not required to have a background in public... health. An undergraduate degree in biology, sociology, psychology, or even business may provide the necessary foundations for exploring the diverse field of public health at the graduate level.

Public health workers focus on initiatives that affect populations at large, such as disease prevention, health education, and awareness-building. Most employment opportunities are offered by federal, state, and local government agencies, such as the Department of Public Health. Other employers may include nonprofit organizations that provide health education and services both nationally and globally, or private sector organizations such as pharmaceutical companies.

Careers in public health often combine politics, social work, and health activism. Students may opt to focus on one of many diverse areas of interest such as childhood and family wellness, environmental or occupational hazards, substance abuse, infectious diseases, nutrition, food safety, and more. Positions range from working directly with individuals in the community to serving as a program director, advisor, or administrator. Public health professionals may provide counseling and education, or they may play a behind-the-scenes role in public health research, planning, and activism. While completing career preparation such as an online masters in public health, students typically examine a variety of concentrations and professional options in this broad field.

While opportunities may be available to Bachelor’s degree holders, most advanced roles in the field of public health require a graduate degree. Earning an online masters in public health prepares students to make a difference in this growing field through research, advocacy, and leadership.

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