Why Pursue an Online Public Safety Degree?

On any given month, there are images of devastating public disasters aired on television—whether it is a school shooting, Hurricane Katrina or a terrorist attack. Public safety professionals protect citizens from dangers of both small and unimaginable scales. In the United States, the Department of Public Safety is a public agency which provides different kinds of support to the following areas of protective services: Fire and rescue services; Ambulance and EMS; Police and security guards; Office of emergency services (OES); Inspections and code enforcement; and animal control.

An online public safety degree is available at the associate's, bachelor's, master's, and doctorate levels. A degree can be a gateway to entry-level work in the field, or it can enhance a public safety professional's current work, or be the key to advancement. Because of the rigors of full-time work and constantly changing shifts, many professionals in this field choose to pursue their studies online. This allows individuals to set their own academic schedules. Students in online programs, often referred to as distance learners, can log into class whenever (or wherever) they are able.

An online public safety degree goes beyond explaining the technical procedures required of each job. Instead, lectures will focus on the social implications and historical contexts of public service. Whatever their overarching career goals may be, students in public safety programs have a better understanding of what it means to protect and serve.