12 Online Degree Programs Available in Real Estate & Property Management

Why Pursue an Online Degree in Real Estate and Property Management?

Do you enjoy traveling? Are you intrigued by the prospect of learning about new locations, buildings and openings around the city and its surrounding areas? If you enjoy talking to people, looking at architecture and expanding your cultural horizons, a career in real estate may be a good choice.

Pursuing an... online degree in real estate and property management may prepare you to pursue a career in the fast-paced life of a broker or agent, both of which are integral for connecting home buyers and sellers to the perfect property. These individuals receive training in a variety of business fields - all of which can help discover right prices and amenities for people looking to move.

A glimpse into the realm of real estate and property management

Real estate and management careers encompass a variety of occupations falling under both the broker and agent umbrellas. Many workers looking into this realm may learn essential selling and business skills from courses along this degree path. Brokers are licensed to run their own businesses, meaning that they may be responsible for both selling homes to buyers and taking care of administrative tasks associated with property. Agents typically spend their time interacting with people one on one, offering advice and guidance to those looking to purchase or sell their homes.

An online degree in real estate and property management may be valuable for those looking to break into this field, as it could prepare you for the numerous challenges you may face while working. Business courses allow individuals to learn more about the administrative tasks - such as financing, organizing, pricing and market operations - while other individualized courses may help students gain an in-depth view of the real estate market, such as how to properly interact with customers and tactics to manage properties under their control.

Possible salaries for a career in real estate and property management

As with most sales careers, salaries may vary based on tenure, number of clients and experience in the field. Salespeople who dedicate a greater amount of time may reap larger monetary rewards, especially if they work off commission.[i] Consider the following statistics, gathered by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012.

  • Real estate brokers and sales agents: 2012 Median annual salary of $41,990 (11 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Property, real estate and community association managers: 2012 Median annual salary of $52,610 (12 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Appraisers and assessors of real estate: 2012 Median annual salary of $49,540 (6 percent projected growth through 2022)[iii]

Additional skills required for a position in real estate and property management

Working in real estate requires strong people skills, as these individuals may have to spend a large portion of their days guiding people through sales negotiations or convincing them to purchase a particular property. Individuals in this field must be accustomed to speaking with a variety of people with many different personality types. Additionally, these workers may have to deal with people who have a difficult time making up their minds, or those who change their decisions at a moment's notice. 

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