110 Online Degree Programs Available in Religious Studies

Why Choose an Online Religion Degree

If matters of faith matter to you, pursuing an online religion degree may be the beginning of a career that feeds the soul. You may also be interested to hear that the study of religion continues to grow.... In 2001, 6,945 bachelor’s degreesI and 10,104 master’sII degrees were awarded in theology and religious vocations. In 2011, those numbers had grown to 9,074 bachelor’s degreesIII and 13,191 master’s degrees in theology and religious vocationsIV.

What could you pursue with an online religion degree?

Earning a religious studies degree could take you into the clergy or other religious orders. You could also pursue becoming a religion teacher. Another possibility is pursuing a career as a director of religious activities and education for a house of worship, where you plan, direct and coordinate activities and education programs.

Potential Salaries:

  • •Median Salary of a Clergy: $44,060V
  • •Median Salary of a Religious worker: $30,650VI
  • •Median Salary of a Religion teacher: $64,990VII
  • •Median Salary of a Director of religious activities and education: $37,280VIII

What are some of the qualifications?

Qualifications may vary depending on the specific position. For example, many clergy positions require at least a bachelor’s degree.IX Some religious institutions may require a master’s or doctorate degree. To teach religion, at least a bachelor’s degree is requiredX, while higher education jobs may require a master’s or doctorateXI. A director of religious activities and education requires at least a bachelor’s degreeXII.

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