41 Online Degree Programs Available in Social Work

Online Social Work Degree Programs

Have You Considered an Online Social Work Degree?

If you've ever been awed by the kindness of Mother Theresa or Princess Diana, you have seen the tip of the iceberg of social work. Social workers counsel, advocate for, and connect their clients to additional resources to help improve their lives, whether they are facing poverty, illness, domestic problems,... or substance abuse. Over half of all social workers are in the healthcare and social assistance industries. Social workers provide a variety of services to people in need, from all walks of life. As a human services profession, social work focuses on one-on-one care between the professional and his or her client. If this sounds interesting to you, you may want to pursue an online social work degree.

In the 21st Century, social work is in more demand than ever for a couple reasons. One, the booming field of health care means more social workers focus on seeing clients with physical and psychological conditions. For another, there is a much wider variety of social workers, who work with different kinds of patients. Medical social workers provide support to individuals suffering from acute and terminal illness. They might counsel family members and other caregivers, and arrange for medical benefits and services to be provided to the patient at home. Mental health social workers provide similar services for clients whose moods, thoughts, and behaviors keep them from optimal functioning. Substance abuse social workers facilitate rehabilitation for clients through individual and group therapy, connect them to resources, and help them to develop new adaptation strategies in life and work.

A bachelor's degree is generally required for entry-level jobs in social work, though some higher-level positions may require a master's. An online social work degree blends theory with practice, giving students ample opportunity for field work while building a foundation of knowledge. Students become experts in their chosen subfield and learn evidence-based practices for serving the most vulnerable populations.

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