9 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Special & Gifted Education

How Can You Benefit from a PhD in Special Education Online?

Have you already immersed yourself in the field of education? Are you interested in developing your expertise and becoming even more specialized in your line of work? If you have a passion for helping students with disabilities and are looking to enhance your career, then pursuing an online PhD in... special education could be a wise choice.

By earning an advanced degree in this faculty, you could acquire a wealth of information in a variety of subjects that may prove essential to the realm of special education. You will have the opportunity to learn everything from experimental theories to statistical analysis, which could equip you with the skills to take concepts in this field and apply them in a practical manner. Ultimately, completing a doctorate program in special education may enable you to pursue a career in a number of divisions within this discipline.

A range of potential employment opportunities in special education
After earning your online PhD in special education, you could pursue an array of new employment opportunities that may be available. With this educational addition to your credentials, you could pursue different tracks, depending on what you would like to do with your degree.

With a doctorate in special education, you may want to pursue a career teaching at the university level. You may be able to pursue a position in which you would instruct prospective teachers, preparing them to work with individuals - from children to adults - who have special needs. You could also pursue a career delving into the research side of this field, leading experiments or working with teams to gain more insight about various disabilities to help the special education community as a whole. Additionally, there could potentially be high-ranking positions in certain organizations and government agencies that you could pursue, which may require  a PhD.

Possible salaries in special education
The amount of money that you could potentially earn once you've earned an online PhD in special education differs, based on the exact path you pursue, the responsibilities that you would have at a potential job, and other factors. Here are some possible professions and the 2012 median salaries provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • College professor in education: Median annual salary of $59,350 (15 percent projected growth through 2022)[i]

  • Educational services survey researcher: Median annual salary of $56,540 (18 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

Additional skills for careers in special education
While an online PhD in special education could provide you with essential knowledge and experience for potential career paths, there are other skills that would serve you well in this line of work. You should be self-motivated and diligent so you can complete independent work, also boasting collaborative and communication skills so you will be able to take on team initiatives. On top of that, you should have refined analytical and problem-solving capabilities. 

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