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Why Pursue an Online Degree in Sports Management?

Are you a passionate sports fan? Have you always dreamt of working in more administrative role for your favorite professional athletic team? A degree in sports management may be able to prepare you to pursue a career in the management side of sports, including a swath of potential occupations pertaining... to sports administration.

Individuals who pursue their online degree in sports management have the opportunity to explore the business side of this activity, whether they prefer working with financials, personnel, talent acquisition or development.

A glimpse into the realm of sports management
Sports management encompasses the majority of career paths that fall outside of players and coaches. Individuals can choose to pursue several paths tailored to their interests, including those that frequently interact with big names in the industry and those that primarily work on the administrative side. These behind-the-scenes roles are essential for building and sustaining powerful teams, as employees working in this field have a hand in operations pertaining to how players are recruited and managed.

Courses in an online sports management degree program help introduce students to a variety of topics in the business world, including marketing, sales, entrepreneurship, economics, accounting, law and management. Since careers in this field range greatly, individuals can tailor their selections to the specific job they wish to pursue. For example, if you want  to pursue work with children or young adults, explore education courses. If you'd prefer to pursue a career of recruiting players for corporate sports teams, you can pursue classes to help build the necessary skills.

Possible salaries for careers in sports management
Career paths in sports management encompass an array of different positions. People can pursue career paths such as sports lawyers, recruiters, agents and managers, just to name a few. Salaries vary based on the position at hand, the team for which the person is employed, the level of education he or she has earned, and the responsibilities associated with the job. Consider the following occupations, with figures compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Agents and business managers of artists, performers, and athletes: 2013 Mean annual wage of $96,410 (no projected job growth available)[i]

  • Coaches and scouts: 2012 Median annual salary of $28,360 (15 percent projected growth through 2022)[ii]

Additional skills required for a position in sports management
To work in the field of sports management, individuals must be passionate about the particular occupation in which they seek employment. Individuals should not pursue this path solely because they are interested in sports - they should be driven by excellence and the desire to excel in one particular management occupation.

Additionally, these workers should be comfortable working in conjunction with many other departments. Individuals may have to communicate with fellow workers in various occupations several times each day, especially if they are all working to create the best possible working environment for a particular sports player or team. People working in sports management should also enjoy speaking to a variety of individuals, as they may be responsible for scouting many recruits or developing individualized programs for them.

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