39 Online Degree Programs Available in Sports Management

Online Sports Management Degree Programs - Sports Management Degrees

Are Online Sports Management Degrees Right for You?

The optimal background for an aspiring sports manager is an education in business and/or sport administration at the secondary school level. Many colleges and universities offer online sports management degrees at the Associate and Bachelor level. A sports management degree curriculum will usually include courses in economics, business, law, physical... education, and current issues in sport. Top general managers may possess an advanced degree, such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

"Show me the money" is the enduring quote that made the movie Jerry Maguire famous. The movie raised the public's awareness of sports managers and sports agents which has increased the demand of a degree in sports management. While the success of any great sports team depends on its Jordans, Shaqs, Beckhams and LeBrons, what's behind the scenes also makes or breaks the team. No throw, kick or sprint can take a team very far without a great sports manager. The sports manager handles the business side of a sports team, including the signing of new players, working out the team budget, and arranging for essentials like training, uniforms, and travel for the team.

Sports managers must work closely with coaches, trainers, and scouts to make executive decisions that will benefit the team throughout the season and beyond. As the top administrator, the general manager oversees the personnel that comprises the team. They play the chief role in signing new players and appointing their salaries, so they often have to present their decisions to the media, which can be a delicate task as they aim to please the team's owners as well as its fans.


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