7 Online Bachelor Degree Programs Available in Technology Management

How Could You Benefit from a Bachelors in Technology Management Online?

Businesses have become increasingly dependent on computer technology over the past decades, with communications, finance and other key aspects of companies now being carried out solely in the digital sphere. That dependency has led to an entirely new field of tech programming, organization and oversight. Earning a bachelor's degree in... tech management may set you up to pursue a related career in information technology.

The degree in brief
Massive amounts of data are created and processed by businesses daily. They utilize databases, a network architecture and Web design to carry out daily tasks. Managing all of that information is no easy task, and it requires the work of skilled professionals to establish, improve and streamline the systems and programs that manage all of that information. Companies rely on the work of specialized IT professionals to meet the different aspects of their technology needs. They may also need the expertise of managers who can coordinate the many components of a businesses' computing system.

If you choose to earn a bachelor's degree in tech management, you may be able to fulfill that need. Tech management degrees provide students a technical education required to perform in the IT world, but they also review management and leadership skills necessary to run an IT department. Coursework may encompass a blend of database management, business practices and software development. Students can expect an overview of management information systems, project management skills and personnel coordination methods. The end result is an understanding of how an IT department overall may address and achieve a businesses' needs and goals.

Job outlook
There are numerous careers related to tech management. Your education and your work experience will help to determine your qualifications for those jobs. Computer and information systems managers are responsible for the management of a business' IT projects, including the assessment of computer systems, the installation of hardware and software and the establishment of network security protocols. IT managers usually coordinate and oversee the execution of these projects carried out by other IT professionals. A bachelor's degree in tech management is a perfect foundation for people who wish to be IT managers, but they must also generally have over 5 years' worth of related work experience, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.[i]

Good entry-level positions for people who hope to be IT managers include network and computer systems administrators as well as database administrators. The former handle the installation and maintenance of computer networks,[ii] while the latter focuses specifically on the function and efficiency of computer databases,[iii] according to the BLS. These careers may also lead to work as a computer network architect, which involves building data communication networks.[iv] They may answer to a chief technology officer who oversees the operation.

Potential salaries
High demand has made the field of IT lucrative. However, you will find differences in annual median wage and expected job growth depending on the career you choose to pursue and the business for which you choose to work. The BLS provides more information on the subject.

  • Computer and information systems managers: $120,950 (15 percent expected employment growth through 2022)[v]

  • Database administrators: $77,080 (15 percent expected employment growth through 2022)[vi]

  • Computer network architects: $91,000 (15 percent expected employment growth through 2022)[vii]

  • Network and computer systems administrators: $72,560 (12 percent expected employment growth through 2022)[viii]

Skills required
The tech management degree demands more than just a good hand with computers. In addition to analytical and logical thinking skills, people entering this field must have excellent organizational, leadership and communication abilities if they are to coordinate the efforts of an IT department. 

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