Online Technology Doctorates

A doctorate in technology online could help you to move to the top of a field that is moving at unprecedented speeds. A promising discipline for renewed educational advances, technology continues to see incredible job expansion. Technologists often take on projects to assess, design, implement, manage, and support computer information systems.

Completing a doctorate in technology online may take from around two to five years, depending on the individual student, and whether they have already earned a master degree. Some doctorate degrees confer a "master degree en route," meaning that students are admitted having already earned a bachelor degree, and ultimately earn both a master and doctorate by the time they are done.

Graduates from technology doctoral programs sometimes work in private industry in research and development, in government agencies participating in research laboratories, and in upper-level corporate management positions. Many other tech doctorate degree-holders move into the academic profession, serving as university professors, faculty, department heads, and senior researchers.

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