14 Online Degree Programs Available in Video Game Design

Are You Interested in a Video Game Design Degree?

Did you ever think that your love for playing video games could possibly be transformed into your future career? With a 2012 national average of two video gamers per U.S. household[1], the video game industry most likely won’t be dying down any time soon.  If creating the ideas, animation, and... concepts behind video games interests you, you might want to consider earning a video game design degree.

The Nuts and Bolts of a Video Game Design Degree

In earning an online animation degree in video game design, students may come away with knowledge of the pre-production, game art principles, and game engine technology that may be beneficial in pursuing a career in the video game industry. Due to the nature of the video game industry, an online degree in video game design will involve many visual art and technological components. For example, video game design programs may require you to take courses in prototyping and visual development, as well as more hands-on courses in 3-D modeling and prop modeling.

Career Possibilities with a Video Game Design Degree

The video game design industry employs several varying types of positions. If you’re drawn to graphic design, you might want to pursue a career in animation once you’ve completed your video game design degree. Or perhaps you’re interested in actually writing the program code that dictates action in the game—a job in computer programming may be in your future. Take a look at some career prospects that may be available to you with a video game design degree:

  • Multimedia Artists and Animators: $61,370/year median salary with 6 percent employment growth projected through 2022[2]

  • Graphic Designer: $44,150/year median salary with 7 percent employment growth projected through 2022[3]

  • Art Director: $80,880/year median salary with 3 percent employment growth projected through 2022[4]

  • Computer Programmers: $74,280/year median salary with 8 percent employment growth projected through 2022[5]

  • Software Developers: $93,350/year median salary with 22 percent employment growth projected through 2022 (much faster than average growth)[6]

While many people use video games as a leisurely outlet, the creation of those games actually requires plenty of brainstorming, trial and error, and creativity. The video game development industry is creative in nature and may be well suited for people who want to turn their ideas and hard work into a fun, engaging finished product.

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