24 Online Degree Programs Available in Web Development & Design

Is an Online Web Design Degree Right for You?

The Internet is fertile real estate for many businesses who want to establish their name and cement customer loyalty. That's where a savvy web developer comes in. There are many different tasks that go into creating a website, from simple text-and-image pages to complex, multimedia social networks and web-based applications.... Multi-talented web developers may also be involved in design and content development. They use software and programming languages to implement, modify, and maintain websites according to clients' and end-users' specific needs and tastes. An online web design degree could be the first step to one of these careers.

As the Internet switches from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 standards, social media features and mashups, the demand for web developers who are well-versed in the latest applications is higher than ever, and those who know how to execute successful 21st century sites are well-compensated and often re-hired for future projects.

Some talented web developers are self-taught, but don't overlook the benefits of formal training First and foremost, you will learn the technical skills and credentials to stand out in a competitive job market. Secondly, gain an insider's glimpse into how the industry‘s inner workings. Finally, your network of peers and mentors will include the many working professionals that you communicate with each day. These days, it is possible to get all these benefits—and more—through an online degree program. An online web design degree at the associates and bachelors level are designed to let each student work at his or her own pace. Students across the board can expect to be in close contact with instructors who are experts in their field, and to "learn by doing" through multimedia training modules and project-based assignments.


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