"Mini-Guide" to Online Law Degrees

degree to be a lawyerCall them what you want — lawyers, attorneys, sharks — but lawyers are highly qualified professionals who work as advocates and advisors to people, companies, and organizations that need representation in courts of law.

We know you're curious as to whether you can earn a law degree online and what it would be like, so we wrote this quick, easy-to-read "Mini-Guide" to Online Law Degrees to give you the facts you need to decide whether to pursue your law degree online.

  • 1 What do lawyers do exactly?

  • 2 How do you become a lawyer?

  • 3 Can I really earn a law degree online?

  • 4 What are some other options?

  • 5 What else can I do with an online law degree?

  • 6 How do online law degree programs work?

  • 7 Can I start at any time?

  • 8 Will I be able to study at my own pace?

  • 9 What is the "Baby Bar?"

  • 10 How do I select a good online law degree program?

  • 11What are the benefits of studying law online?