Andrea Bowe


Andi Bowe, a dedicated single mother of four girls and one boy, spent thirty years pursuing her scientific research before deciding to culminate her work in a Ph.D. with
Walden University at the age of 56.

In her third year in a self-designed program of Education and Leadership, Andi says that one of her reasons for choosing Walden University was for its "dedication to social change."

And social change is what Andi is after: always an independent thinker, she home schooled her five children and believes ardently in this model of learning.

After graduating with a B.S. in Liberal Studies with High Scholarship in 1974 from Oregon State University, "I then home schooled my children as my form of action research and case studies."

It is with this in mind that she continues to develop a model of educational excellence using brain-based research.

"My children and their friends deserve better than the education they get in schools," she declares.

Though she finds that "a lot of teachers [at Walden] still teach the way I was taught in grade school," she feels free to express her point of view and feels that many of her professors and peers feel the same way she does about new methods of learning.

As the Director of Computer Social Impact Research Institute, a nonprofit educational and scientific organization in Washington, Andi continues the work of its founder, her mentor Dr. Fred B. Wood, one of the Fathers of General Systems Theory.

"I wrote a global warming paper as a BS with Dr. Wood, published it ourselves and I re-published it," she explains as her reason for going back to school.


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