Liberal Arts & Religious Studies Scholarships

If you plan to study a liberal arts or religion major, your scholarship hunt will come with a few advantages and drawbacks. On the upside, many arts and religion scholarship applications involve essays or sample work components, which allow you to demonstrate your passion and your talents. On the downside, major scholarship awards are usually less numerous for arts students than they are for science and engineering majors.

Still, the scholarships below are just a sampling of the national, private awards available in humanities-related fields. The arts and humanities departments at your colleges of interest might also provide relevant scholarship information. Religious studies students may find award opportunities through local, faith-based groups or through charity organizations with religious affiliations. Additionally, you should research art and religion scholarship options at the state level, particularly in states and regions (California, for example) where certain arts professionals are concentrated.


  • Sierra Graphics Network Scholarship

  • Randy Pausch Scholarship Fund

  • International Furnishings & Design Association Educational Foundation Scholarships

  • National Women’s Studies Association Graduate Scholarship

  • College Television Awards

  • Baptist Communicators Association Scholarship Program

  • Tessie Eerligh Scharing Memorial Scholarship

  • American Culinary Federation Scholarships

  • Angelus Student Film Festival Awards

  • School Band Orchestra Essay Contest

  • Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence

  • Princess Grace Awards Program

  • Dr. Chester A. McPheeters Scholarship

  • Prize in Ethics Essay Contest

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