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599CD computer training provides computer training and access learning zone tutorials you can do at home on your own. They help you engineer your independence and learn to use your computer to its fullest potential. All this on your own timeline and affordably. The website and business name 599CD arose out of the original offering—computer lessons on CD-ROM. It's also easy to remember and hints at the practicality and straight-to-the-point nature of their services.

They offer computer tutorials of all kinds from Microsoft Excel to Quickbooks. 599cd.com has seminars about topics as complicated as constructing a database driven website or as basic as upgrading to the latest version of Microsoft Word or using the Internet. In other words, there's something useful for anyone eager to learn more about using their computer.

The Wonder Boy Behind the Scenes of 599CD Computer Training

The website 599CD.com also offers templates off all kinds, a tips and tricks section, forums and a glossary. If it's simplicity and affordability you care about, 599CD is worth a look. The mission of 599CD's founder and owner, Richard Rost, seeks to make computer education more accessible to all.

Richard Rost opened his first computer training center in 1996. He taught classes and developed his own training material. His growing expertise and expansion to another, larger training facility enabled him to start his seminars with 20-30 people. From there he expanded even further, to the world, in fact, offering his teaching on the Internet for an ever increasing audience.

He upgraded to live online seminars in 2002, which are now available on 599cd.com. Rost has many other computer-related accomplishments including authoring The Complete Idiot's Guide to Microsoft Excel 2010. He also maintains an online "TechHelp" page on 599cd.com where anyone can ask questions and Richard replies via email.

Best Thing About 599CD?

Richard Rost's specializes in Microsoft Access database design. That's what gets him cooking and where his heart is. In fact, Microsoft even returned the love by awarding him the Microsoft MVP Award (Most Valuable Professional) in 2014.

One of the top perks to visiting 599CD.com is the Glossary page in their Learning Zone. It's completely free and abundant with info. Let's say you don’t know what Microsoft Access is, a quick visit to the Glossary brings you to this page ACCESS INFO where you'll find a 13 minute free tutorial that clearly explains Microsoft Access for you clearly and thoroughly.

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