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Altierus Career Education provides postsecondary education programs that prepare students for careers in some of America’s established industries. This could include health care, technology, and vocational programs.

Altierus Career Education takes a very personal approach to career education. They offer small classes, intimate work groups, and support systems.

Programs are designed to help students succeed both inside and outside the classroom. Even after students graduate, Altierus Career Education’s Career Services department is there to provide ongoing career coaching and help locating local employment opportunities.

Altierus Career Education: The Basics

Altierus Career Education aims to meet the needs of all students, no matter their educational or career background. To that end, they maintain a variety of campuses throughout the United States, each offering a unique blend of career-oriented programs.

While the specific options available to each student may depend on their location and the program in question, generally, students have two format options in which to study.

  1. Altierus Career Education Local Campus Programs: Prefer a physical classroom setting? The school also offers programs on local campuses across the country. Not only might you take advantage of flexible scheduling to accommodate your life. Your program might also have resources on campus to enhance your learning! For example, you might be able to practice in labs that simulate real workplaces, and use the same technology professionals might use.
  2. Combined Online and Campus Learning: Can’t decide which is best for you? Some campus-based programs may offer some online learning options! So you could attend some classes online and others on campus, and take advantage of both formats at once.

Whichever format you choose, you could attend a program that applies to the real world. They try to make sure of this by reviewing their programs regularly. In fact, they work with a team of industry professionals, who use their expertise of the field to evaluate the effectiveness of each program and make recommendations for improvement.

Altierus Career Education Programs

Altierus Career Education offers both diploma and degree programs. These programs may be tailored to certain fields or career types, and emphasize skills that would apply in entry-level employment in those fields. Programs aim to combine subject matter expertise with practical skills and experience. In other words, what your textbook covers may be enhanced with hands-on experience and even guided field experience. Specifics may vary by program and campus.

Areas of study may include the following.

All of the above programs may not be offered at every campus. Rather, individual locations may instead offer programs in-demand in that area. The above programs may include some element of optional online learning. However, this could also vary by location. For more information, get in touch with the school.

Campus Locations

Altierus wants to help students access the education they want, and achieve their career goals. To do that, they try to meet students where they are. What’s more, by building relationships in the local community, they might be able to give back, by honing their programs to meet the needs of real employers.

Each campus may be unique. From the student population that attends school there, to the programs offered, to the resources and opportunities available, each school is designed to fit into its community and help it grow.

You can find their campuses in the following cities.

  • South Plainfield, NJ
  • Southfield, MI

For more information about what is offered at your preferred campus location, reach out to Altierus Career Education or visit the website.

How to Apply to Altierus Career Education

Altierus Career Education is an open enrollment school, because they believe that every student deserves the chance to earn a degree and pursue the career they want. As a result, they have a diverse range of students, from those with a GED to those with more educational experience, at a wide span of ages. This welcoming, supportive atmosphere may be what attracts many students.

Thinking about applying? If so, here’s what you’d need to do.

  • Contact Altierus Career Education and schedule a meeting with your admissions representative.
  • Meet with your admissions representative to discuss your personal goals and what you’re looking for in a school.
  • Tour a local campus
  • Fill out the application and submit the application fee.
  • Take your career placement assessment to help figure out what program to choose.
  • Meet with financial aid to talk about financing.

Financial Aid at Altierus Career Education

Altierus Career Education is dedicated to its mission of helping motivated adult students get the education they want, to support their career. That’s why they offer financial literacy and support—to help students figure out what kind of financial aid they might qualify for, and apply for it.

Some of the ways they might be able to guide students are as follows.

  • Answering questions and offering guidance about Federal Student Loan programs
  • Educating students about loan servicers
  • Explaining the Federal Student Loan Repayment process
  • Guiding students in managing their debt, including reducing or postponing monthly payments

The specific types of financial aid available may vary by individual student as well as by campus location. For more information, contact Altierus Career Education.

Altierus Career Education Accreditation

Altierus Career Education is accredited nationally by the ACCSC. More details can be found on the school website.

Regional and program accreditation may vary. For more information about whether the campus you’d like to attend is accredited in your area, contact the school or read more on the website.

Why Altierus Career Education?

You might have a lot of reasons to earn your diploma or degree with Altierus Career Education! Which ones are most important to you might depend on your background, your goals, and your personal preferences.

Here are just a few potential reasons.

  • You could opt to study at a local campus, online, or even a combination of both!
  • Courses might be taught by professors who are not only dedicated to helping you learn, but who have real experience working in the field.
  • Courses are designed with the real world in mind.
  • Your program might offer hands-on experience, both in lab settings, and potentially in an internship setting!
  • You’d have the support of career services not just as a student, but also after you graduate.

Apply to Altierus Career Education

If you want to read more, or even start your application, get in contact with Altierus Career Education using the form here! Then you could request information or even schedule a visit.  


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