Brenau University


Since Brenau University first opened its doors in 1878, the needs of students have changed. One constant for more than 134 years? Brenau’s mission to see their students succeed, and to challenge the students to have personal and professional fulfillment in their extraordinary lives. Brenau University Online offers completely online classes, ideal for the nontraditional student. As a Brenau student, you will have access to all tiers of support throughout your entire educational journey. The academic advisors, professors, technical support faculty, and librarians all have one mission in mind—your success. 

What Brenau University Online is Known For:

  • Brenau University ranked on the US News and World Report in three categories: Best Online Bachelor’s Programs, Best Online Graduate Business Programs, and Best Online Graduate Education Programs.
  • Brenau’s class sizes cap at 24 students to enable a high level of interaction and discussion with classmates and instructors.

Unique Opportunities with Brenau University Online Degrees:

  • Whether you are looking for an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree; Brenau has options for you. And, Brenau knows how to cater to their online students—they even have an online student center!
  • Brenau’s programs are designed with the adult student in mind, and they bring the classroom to you. Completely online classes, with no campus requirement, mean flexibility for nontraditional students.

Why we love Brenau University Online Programs:

  • Brenau has more than 12 years of online learning experience—in 1998, Brenau offered their first online learning platform. How times have changed since Brenau opened their doors as a women’s seminary in 1878!
  • Even as an online student, you’re joining a university rich in history—the Pearce Auditorium on the campus has been site for famous speakers, including Helen Keller and Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Students receive instruction from faculty who have real-life experience (and success stories!) in their fields, and who have certification to teach online attained through a four-week certification class.


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