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George Bush School of Government and Public Service

Inspired by our 41st President H. W. Bush's vision, the Bush School offers a comprehensive educational experience designed to cultivate professionalism and principle in public service. All academic programs integrate three components — a carefully-designed curriculum, experiential learning, and self-study — each of which reinforce and contribute to the others. The Bush School takes a broad view of public service, stressing the opportunities for service at the local, state, regional, national, and international levels as well as in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Indeed some of the most important tasks in public service are inventing ways to form cross-sector partnerships serving the common good. The Bush School strives to equip its students to undertake such challenges. Once enrolled, online students can look forward to:

  • Official Texas A&M University Graduate Course Credit;
  • Nationally Acclaimed Faculty;
  • Highly Interative Courses;
  • Flexible Scheduling;
  • A Bush School staff dedicated to online education programs;
  • The Texas A&M live computer helpdesk, also available 24/7 through a toll-free number or via e-mail; and
  • Access to the tens-of-thousands of electronic books and publications available in the Texas A&M University e-library.

The Bush School Online

The Bush School welcomes working professionals and students who need flexibility in order to further their education. The Bush School's online graduate level certificate programs have been developed for those interested in public policy and service that cannot (for whatever reason) attend in-residence programs. Further, we appreciate the varied backgrounds that professionals from many fields, different levels of government, and the military bring to our programs. Therefore, you will find that the Bush School's graduate-level certificate programs offer experience rich environments, are highly interactive, and provide an educational environment unmatched by other universities.


Student Reviews

I have had phenomenal faculty members who not only excelled in their respective fields of study, but cared about me personally and my educational experience.#Benjamin Franklin

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