California State University, Monterey Bay


What Cal State Monterey Online is Known For

California State University, Monterey Bay provides a rigorous education for students through its focus on multilingual, multicultural and gender-equitable learning. Serving the diverse population of California, this small public university is credited for expanding its online offerings in recent years, including a plethora of courses at the undergraduate level as well as two new fully online graduate degrees at Cal State Monterey Online,one in instructional science and technology and the other in management and information technology.

Unique Opportunities with California State University Online Courses

California State University, Monterey Bay allows students to learn on their own terms, especially beneficial to those who have work and family commitments.  It is the first of the public universities in California to offer degrees through the state's Cal State Online initiative.

  • Students from 14 eligible western states participating in the Western Undergraduate Exchange initiative can enroll for just over $8,955* per year, a savings of about $9,000 per year on regular out-of-state tuition.
  • Prospective students who qualify under the California Dream Act of 2011 can receive privately funded scholarships.
  • The school's iLearn open-source learning management system gives students 24/7 access to active online courses and the flexibility to choose what they want.
  • No GMAT is required for registration to the MBA Executive Track Program.

Why We Love California State University, Monterey Bay Online Programs

  • The university is leading the way by making higher education available to traditionally underserved and low-income populations.
  • CSUMB caters to working professionals, especially those interested in furthering their careers.
  • Students have the choice of taking totally online courses or blending it with face-to-face instruction.

Student Reviews

CSUMB inspired me to continue my life-long goal of providing knowledge and opportunities to others. It also improved my communication and interpersonal skills.

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