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Distance Learning at Centura College

Centura College Online offers the convenience of distance learning from the comfort of your home or office. Our dedicated teachers have years of knowledge in education and the resources needed to bring you the quality education you demand to keep current in today's technology oriented environment.

We consult with industry leaders to make sure the education you receive is what you will need in your chosen profession. Our school is a well-established adult education college with fast track affordable programs allowing adult students to finish school, develop real-world skills, and advance their careers.

We develop each program with one goal — to place you in a better career. Our curriculum is designed to provide you with the relevant and technological skills to meet the demands of the current and emerging industries.

Centura College is Dedicated to Adult Students

  • We help adult students gain the skills and attitudes necessary for a meaningful entry-level career position.
  • We are committed to high academic standards in all of our curricular offerings.
  • We are dedicated to providing the services that support our students' efforts to succeed.

Centura Makes Education Affordable

We have tuition payment plans available for students who may need to use the income from a part-time job or from family or personal resources to meet tuition obligations. There are also, private, non-federal loan sources available. A plan tailored to meet your needs while attending school can be arranged. We want to help you attend Centura. Check with the Financial Aid Officer for full details on tuition payment schedules.

Those students in need of student financial assistance are urged to contact Centura as early as possible. Federal Financial Aid is available to those who qualify.

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