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A "pioneer of distance learning," the City University of Seattle online ensures that online education remains integral in its degree programs. In fact, their Bachelor Degree program ranked among the best online programs according to US News and World Report 2017. Among the factors where they most excelled in the US News methodology, CUS ranked third in Student Services and Technology. 

Sometimes they refer to themselves as "CityU" but no matter what they call it, their school remains dedicated to working adult students.

city university of seattle

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10 Reasons to Enroll at City University of Seattle

1) Rolling Admissions - apply anytime! 

2) Even with 66% of students enrolled 1/2 time or less, the City University of Seattle Completion Rate is more than twice the national average. 

3) The average age of an American student at CUS is 35. 

4) In 2016/17 CUS disbursed Grant Funds totaling $823,881 and Scholarships of $293,269 to students. That's all "Gift Aid" and thus doesn’t need to be repaid. (Always check the current laws for updates from the government.)

5) Their PLA Program transfers credits from work experience.

6) Only 38.3% of undergrads took student loans with an average amount of $6,831. 

7) CityU offers more than 60 degree programs including Leadership, Management, Computer and Information Systems, and Project Management. 

8) City University of Seattle remains proud of their faculty - "professionals who are leaders in their industry" as innovative and relevant educators. 

9) With 52,288 total alumni, networking possibilities abound. 

10) CityU's cohort default rate for student loans (at 5%) is less than half the national average (at 11.5%). Low cohort default rates (like this) are related to student employability. 

Get the Best Out of City University of Seattle Online

First things first, choose a school from their nationally recognized options:

School of Management - Prepares managers, marketers, communicators, administrators, technologists, accountants and business leaders.

Small class sizes, practitioner faculty, and curriculum informed by industry experts.

Albright School of Education - Ranks among the top producers of teachers in Washington State on a yearly basis. 

CityU belongs to the nationally renowned Sanford Education Collaborative. This group leads research-based education programs that are recognized nationwide and backed by data to aid college and career readiness. 

School of Arts & Sciences  - 91% of Alumni said instructors integrated theory and practice into courses.

91% of Alumni said their courses were directly relevant to their professional goals.

95% of Alumi said instructors had professional experience in their field.

Technology Institute - Their Bachelor of Science in Information Systems is an ABET accredited program.

Awarded a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education by the National Security Agency and Department of Homeland Security.

Is City University of Seattle Accredited?

City University of Seattle is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, a regional accrediting body approved by the U.S. Department of Education.

See enough great reasons to choose CityU?

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