Claremont Lincoln University


At Claremont Lincoln University, our purpose is to put wisdom to work in the world—for good.

Our world, our societies, governments and businesses, even our own families are more polarized than ever before. And yet, there can be understanding and collaboration. And from understanding and collaboration there can be hope, progress and change.

At Claremont Lincoln University Online, we are putting wisdom to work in the world.

We have designed a new educational model that immerses students in a dynamic learning community and encourages the exploration of diverse beliefs, values and traditions. We honor thousands of years of spiritual, intellectual and cultural wisdom from around the world to equip and empower students with our uniquely powerful online M.A. degree programs in Ethical Leadership, Interfaith Action and Social Impact.

This holistic approach combined with our proprietary Claremont Core™ curriculum interweaves mindfulness, dialogue, collaboration, and change throughout all of our degree programs to empower students with the knowledge and skills needed to create lasting transformation in any career pathway.

Discover how Claremont Lincoln University Online degrees can change you and the world around you – for good.

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