Florida Vocational Institute


Florida Vocational Institute, or FVI for short, is a technical school in Miami, Florida. Established in 2007, FVI is dedicated to offering students career training in healthcare and technology fields. FVI combines classroom learning with hand-on experience in medical and computer labs, library resources, and the support of experienced faculty. Most of their programs are even designed to be completed in under a year.

Healthcare Programs at FVI

FVI offers a suite of healthcare programs, each one focused on a specific career and the skills you might need in pursuit of that career. Students may gain hands-on experience on the technology they might use in the field and in the lab, while developing intellectual expertise in the classroom.

Pharmacy Technician Program

FVI’s pharmacy technician program focuses on the needs of different types of pharmacies, including retail pharmacies, hospitals, outpatient facilities, residential care facilities, and even wholesale drug manufacturers. Courses examine the roles and responsibilities of assisting a pharmacist in these and other settings.

Medical Assistant Program

The Medical Assistant Program at FVI was designed to help students train to assist physicians in a variety of contexts. This includes medical office management, records management and informatics, preparing patients for exams, and more. Courses may also discuss urinalysis, phlebotomy, EKGs, x ray, and pharmacology.

Patient Care Technician Program

The Patient Care Technician Program, or PCT Program at FVI is an entry-level program. In other words, it focuses on the skills and knowledge one might need in entry-level patient care technician positions in the field. This include diagnostic EKG testing, phlebotomy, nursing assistance, and home health care.

Nursing Assistant & Home Health Aide Program

FVI’s Nursing Assistant program focuses on long term patient care, typically working to support a Registered Nurse in direct patient care. This program includes guided clinical practice experience. This program is also designed to help students prepare to sit for the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam.

Medical Coding & Billing Program

FVI offers a Medical Coding and Billing program, which helps students prepare to manage health records, work with different types of insurance plans, process claims, and prepare to sit for relevant Medical Coding and Billing certification exams. This program is currently only offered either in conjunction with a Medical Assistant program, or to students who already work as medical assistants.

Technology Programs at FVI

FVI offers its technology programs through a school called TechLaunch. TechLaunch at Florida Vocational Institute offers computer career training that could often be completed in under a year. The school also makes efforts to give back to its community, while also helping students get hands-on experience.

Web Development Program

TechLaunch and FVI’s Web Development Program is campus-based, but flexible to accommodate the needs of working adults. Typically completed in around 9 months, students have the opportunity to hone full stack web development and coding skills and develop a professional portfolio.

Cyber Security Network Technician Program

The Cyber Security and Network Technician Program covers a diverse range of topics. Examples include software distribution, vulnerability assessment, cloud-based system administration, LAN and WAN interfaces and configurations, and more. This program is designed to be completed in 9 months of full time study.

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