Gratz College


Gratz College was established in 1895 as a Jewish teachers’ college, the first of its kind in the United States.  The Gratz family name extends back to the American Revolution with a reputation for patriotism, philanthropy, and especially education. 

More than a century later, Gratz College continues to be on the cutting edge with online education and many new programs for students from a myriad of backgrounds serving in a variety of professions.

Gratz College can offer its students:

  • An educational community composed of men and women who are inspired by scholarship and driven to serve through their careers
  • A forward-thinking, future-embracing outlook that places a premium on innovative thoughts and methods
  • A curriculum that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on, practical strategies for success
  • Education rooted in Jewish values, focused on pluralism and embracing diversity

We’re proud to offer our students access to a Gratz College education through accelerated online study. College education is now part of a life-long pursuit for many students, who return to the classroom throughout their lives as their careers and goals change. At Gratz, we make it possible for mid-career and mid-life professionals to earn a degree without forcing them to abandon their work or family responsibilities.

Let us help you fulfill your potential in a learning community that emphasizes innovative scholarship and understands the demands of the real world. Talk to a Gratz College admissions counselor today!

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