Irene's Myomassology Institute


What is Myomassology?

Holistic health is a tradition in Irene Gauthier's family. Building upon knowledge passed down from her father and grandmother, Irene began to formally study massage in the 1950's. Utilizing her natural born gift and years of experience, she developed Myomassology as a comprehensive healing art. Myomassology provides the practitioner with a variety of skills to tailor to each client, allowing maximum healing to occur. This broad base knowledge is why Irene's graduates are often in demand by employers and clients.

Who Chooses Irene's Myomassology Institute?

  • Individuals familiar with Irene's outstanding reputation.
  • People who want to excel at their career.
  • All ages, gender and backgrounds.
  • Those who need a class schedule that allows them to work while in school.
  • Anyone interested in a holistic approach to clinically based massage.
  • Individuals interested in creating their own business, set their own work schedule, and desire job satisfaction.
  • Those who want to make a difference in their world and in people's lives.

Do you help me to find a job after I graduate?

Absolutely! Irene's graduates are provided lifetime career assistance services. Irene's students work in massage clinics, spas, hospitals, chiropractic centers, physical therapy offices, cruise ships and salons.Graduates may pursue employment through an extensive network of employers preferring to hire from Irene's, and can be found in 38 states and three countries.

Student Reviews

The instructors and staff have been tremendous. I have never had such caring, loving, nurturing teachers or supportive staff at any educational institution I have attended. The staff here wants you to succeed. I feel that they believe that your success is their success. 

Cynthia Koroly, Irene Graduate

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