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Miami International University of Art and Design is part of the larger Art Institute system. It was formerly known as International Fine Arts College. They offer associate’s degree, bachelors, and master’s degree programs in a variety of fields including marketing, animation, film, fashion, and several types of design.

Miami International University of Art and Design is referred to a few different ways. Those include MIU, Art Institute of Miami, AI Miami, and other similar variations.

Programs Offered at Miami Art Institute

Miami International University of Art and Design offers both campus and online learning, making it possible for students to pursue their education in a format that works for them. They also offer flexible scheduling options—such as Saturday classes—so students can fit their learning into their lives.

As a student at AI Miami, you could earn your undergraduate or graduate degree in in one of six different areas.

Visual Design Programs

MIU’s visual design programs may confer bachelors or masters degrees. Some programs may also offer online study options. Students could choose between three different program areas.

  • Design & Media Management: This program combines the creative process with business savvy. Courses discuss the skills and responsibilities involved in managing a team of artists and designers in a business setting, leading them to complete projects and solve problems. Students might focus on Design Management or Media Arts Management.
  • Graphic & Web Design: In this BFA program, students can choose between concentrations in either graphic design or web design. Graphic design typically focuses on things like packaging, logos, posters, etc., using both traditional and digital methods. Web design involves digital visual communication skills, including technical skills like coding, and familiarity with multiple technological platforms.
  • Visual Arts: Students could earn either a BFA or MFA in Visual Arts. Both programs combine traditional skills in fine art and studio art with digital design. The MFA program additionally spends time on critical skills, methodologies for teaching art, and research.

Interior Design Programs

Students in the Interior Design program at Miami International University could earn either a BFA or MFA. Both program levels focus on the utilization and design of interior spaces—such as office spaces, individual rooms, or entire buildings. Issues of concern, in addition to convenience and aesthetics, are safety, accessibility, sustainability, and cost.

MIU’s bachelors in interior design program is designed to help students hone the general interior design skills they may need as new professionals in the field. The MFA program, meanwhile, offers an opportunity to pursue advanced study of a particular area within interior design.

Marketing & Advertising Programs

Students at MIU could pursue a BA in Advertising through the marketing program. This program looks at how to apply creative skills strategically to achieve specific business objectives. Skills addressed include copywriting, typography, color theory, concept development, market research, and more. Students may also gain experience using industry software to accomplish all of this.

Animation & Visual Effects Programs

MIU offers two programs in this area: computer animation, and visual effects and motion graphics.

The BFA in Computer Animation program focuses primarily on digital animation skills, though it may touch on some elements of traditional animation. Topics covered include storytelling, digital imaging, 3D modeling, storyboard rendering, web animation, lighting techniques, creative project management, and more.

The BFA in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics program shares some course topics with the computer animation program. Some courses you might take include 3D design, storytelling, post-production management, camera and lighting, advanced visual effects, interactive visual design, and more.

Film & Production Programs

The Film and Production program at Miami International University of Art & Design offers three different areas of focus. Those include:

  • Audio Production: Students could earn a BS in audio production. Course topics in this subject include audio technology, remote and field recording, broadcast audio, music business, audio post-production, studio recording, audio mixing, and more.
  • Digital Filmmaking and Video Production: Students could pursue either a BFA or MFA in this subject area. Both degree levels center on the creative and technical skills one might need to create effective films, from concept through post-production. Skills covered may include video, lighting, audio, digital imaging, writing and storytelling, production, editing, cinematography, sound design, and more.
  • Digital Photography: This BFA program hones both creative and technical photography skills, including portraiture, natural and artificial light in composition, studio photography, portraiture, editorial photography, digital image management, and more.

Fashion Design & Merchandising Programs

Fashion students at Miami International University of Art and Design could choose between two tracks: fashion design, and fashion merchandising.

Fashion design students could earn one of three degrees:

  • Associate of Arts in Accessory Design
  • Associate of Arts in Fashion Design
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fashion Design

Courses focus on different aspects of designing and constructing clothing and/or accessories. That could include drawing, pattern-making, textiles, concept and product development, and computer aided design.

Fashion merchandising students could pursue an associate or bachelor of arts. This program examines the business side of the fashion industry. That includes sales and marketing, consumer behavior, textiles, merchandising, business and finance skills, apparel production and evaluation, and more.

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