National Center for Public Productivity at Rutgers University - Newark


Founded in 1975, the National Center for Public Productivity (NCPP) is a research and public service organization devoted to improving productivity in the public sector. NCCP is based out of Rutgers-Newark, The State University of New Jersey.

NCCP studies performance measurement initiatives in government. They also engage in research and teaching, with a focus on the engagement of citizens in government performance. In addition, the organization develops curricula for their areas of study. And, they offer online education for public managers.

Strategic Performance Management in the Public Sector Certificate (SPM)

NCPP offers the Strategic Performance Management in the Public Sector Certificate (SPM).  This professional certificate is aimed at individuals in public and nonprofit organizations. It may also be perfect for active citizens who may be interested in public sector performance measurement.

The program covers four core areas designed to enhance students’ understanding. Plus, they’ll explore the practical knowledge necessary to put a performance measurement system into place in their own organization. Students may study:

  1. Performance Management and Government
  2. Strategic Planning for Performance Management
  3. Evidence-Based Management
  4. Measurement and Reporting Performance

They may also be able to take electives such as Applied Program Evaluation and Budgeting for Performance.

The program is pursued over a 10-week period. Students engage in guided discussion, complete assignments, and take a final assessment. And all core subjects are taken entirely online, making this certificate program potentially ideal for working professionals.

Other Programs Offered by the National Center for Public Productivity

The National Center for Public Productivity engages in other initiatives, besides the above certificate program. These include:

  • Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Conference – This annual conference discusses public performance management research and models. The goal is to find and examine new practices that may be useful.
  • Public Performance Measurement and Reporting Network (PPMRN) – This online community connects those who are interested measuring, reporting, and improving public sector and nonprofit performance. Besides academics and researchers, members of the network may include citizens, government officials, and public and nonprofit managers.
  • E-Governance Institute – Part of the National Center for Public Productivity, the E-Governance Institute focuses on how information and communication technologies impact the public sector. For example, they may study how the internet affects public sector productivity. Or, they may look at how the web increases citizen engagement.

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