Saint Joseph's College of Maine


What Saint Joseph College of Maine Online Is Known For:

Saint Joseph’s College is a Catholic University with a long history of embracing non-traditional students through distance learning with Saint Joseph College of Maine Online. The school instituted distance education in 1976, and now offers more than twenty graduate and undergraduate programs in business, education, criminal justice, health administration, nursing (for RN’s), and theology.  

Unique Opportunities with Saint Joseph College of Maine Online Courses

Saint Joseph’s College's goal is to provide quality education for working adults and others in need of an alternative to traditional on-campus study.  

  • Each student is assigned a personal academic advisor, who provides guidance on everything from course content to administrative policies and procedures to degree requirements.  
  • Online tutoring is available for all coursework as part of their commitment to comprehensive distance learning.
  • Students can start their online degree any month of the year, eliminating the need to work around the typical “semester” schedule.  
  • They participate in eArmyU, a program started by the military to offer soldiers and other military personnel the opportunity to complete their education.  Military members can finish their degree through Saint Joseph’s online courses, even while deployed.  

Why We Love Saint Joseph's College:

  • Saint Joseph's College is committed to providing students with personalized support through services like one-on-one advising and online tutoring.
  • They’re a “Military Friendly School,” and were among the first educational institutions that started eArmyU. 

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