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Southern Careers Institute has been an established Texas institution for more than 50 years, providing students with the professional skills necessary to start a career – and later advance – in their chosen field.

At SCI, they realize and embrace that each student is different. And, they try their hardest to understand every student’s needs and goals, and create individual plans of action for success. From the moment you first step foot on campus through graduation and beyond, they dedicate themselves to helping you reach further than you ever thought possible.

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Southern Careers Institute Accreditation

SCI institute is accredited by the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The COE aims to ensure the accredited schools provide high quality career and technical education. Programs should strive to tailor classes to address current job market needs. To do this, they’re encouraged to constantly update their course materials to address new techniques and information in the field.

SCI online programs are also accredited by the COE. The U.S. Department of Education recognize the Council of Occupational Education.

Where are the Southern Careers Institute Campuses?

SCI college campuses are found throughout Texas. Many SCI students call the main campus in Austin their home. But, many other students pursue their studies at some of the following locations.

  • Brownsville
  • Corpus Christi
  • Harlingen
  • Pharr
  • San Antonio

Of course, other students choose to pursue the SCI courses as part an online program. For online students, their campus might be wherever they have an internet connection! Whether that’s you home office, local coffee shop, or library is up to you.

Applying to Southern Careers Institute Online

The Southern Careers Institute has an open admissions policy.i The non-competitive admissions process might be a huge stress relief for students looking to start or continue their education.

Instead of panicking over writing lengthy essays and hunting down transcripts, SCI institute keeps their process simple. When applying, students may be asked to complete the following minimum requirements.

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have a high school diploma or GED
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English

Devoted Students Enrolled at Southern Careers Institute

Students enrolled in SCI institute might be devoted to studying the skills and knowledge necessary to help them in the real world. And, this is reflected in SCI’s enrollment!

In fall 2015, 100% of the SCI student body was pursuing their education fulltime. That’s 386 students putting in the maximum effort to help them earn a degree. Of those students, 84% were female and 16% were male.

When you think about postsecondary education, you might have the image of a recent high school graduate in your head. But, Southern Careers Institute have a mix of students of differing ages. For example, 44% of students in 2015 were 24 or under. The other 56% were 25 or older. That’s almost an even split of ages! The student body diversity could offer a welcoming learning environment for students no matter what their age.

And, many students of those enrolled students choose to continue with SCI throughout their education. Between fall 2014 and 2015, 58% of first-time students returned to their studies at SCI.ii*

Studying at SCI Online

SCI online programs are designed with busy students in mind. Flexible class scheduling and convenient digital classrooms could help students insert their education into their preexisting schedule. Nothing may have to change in your daily routine so that you could go to class!

Even though classes are held online, you may not miss out on the campus experience. Many of aspect of the campus programs are still accessible online. For example, students could still take part in valuable externships to practice their professional skillset.

And, there’s a wide range of programs online students could pursue at Southern Careers Institute. SCI offers the following online certificate programs.

  • Business Accounting
  • Computer Support
  • Medical Billing & Coding

SCI’s online programs could be completed in 33 weeks depending on your enrollment. This could be a great way to intensely devote yourself to your education. And then quickly apply the knowledge to your potential future job hunt!

Business Accounting Specialist Program at SCI Online

The business account specialist certificate program is designed to offer a comprehensive look into the industry. Professors may be industry professionals who could offer insider insight in the field. With their guidance, courses cover both the theoretical and real-world aspects of business accounting. Classes could include some of the following subjects.

  • Payroll
  • Accounting Principles
  • Financial Analysis
  • Taxes
  • Business Processes
  • Payables & Receivables

With the skills and knowledge you could study during your business accounting program, you may be eligible for some of the following certifications.

  • Certified Processional Bookkeeper
  • Intuit QuickBooks Certification
  • Microsoft Office Certified

SCI Financial Aid Services

Southern Careers Institute offers students access to their Financial Aid team. Officers on this team work alongside students to find financial aid options that they might not find on their own. Scheduling an appointment with one of these officers could help you start your search for educational assistance.

And, many students who attend SCI use financial aid to supplement their educational expenses. In the 2014-2015 school year, 96% of fulltime, beginning undergraduate students received financial aid. Of those 494 students, 91% received aid from grants or scholarships. These students received a median of $4,265 in aid.

Also, 87% of those same students received student loans. Students who were approved for student loans received a median of $3,972.iii*

Online Faculty at Southern Careers Institute

Southern Careers Institute online programs capture a lot of the campus experience. For example, many SCI faculty members that teach on campus also teach online classes. By doing this, students could still have access to the same professional instructors they would in the classroom.  

SCI institute employees 5 fulltime and 6 part-time instructors.iv* These numbers differ by campus.

Graduation Day at Southern Careers Institute

You completed your studies and are now ready to graduate from SCI online. And, you’re one of many who are doing the exact same thing! In fact, 44% of fulltime, first-time students who began their studies in 2012-13 graduated within their “normal” time of completion.

But, SCI understands that students learn at different paces and continues to support their success. And this is shown in their extended graduation statistics. Of the students who began their studies in 2011-12, and additional 33% of students completed their degree program outside of their “normal” time.v*

After Graduation

Just because you completed your final course at Southern Careers Institute doesn’t mean that you no longer have the attentive support. In fact, many of the SCI online services are directly tailored to help their alumni. Below are just a few ways SCI institute sticks with its students after graduation.

Student Career Services

Many students who earned the degree through SCI online go on to pursue a professional career afterward. Much like in their education, SCI works to help students make their first step in the professional world.

The Education Career Service team works with students to find potential career options. This process is much more than asking them to apply to certain employers! The team offers valuable services to help students enhance the job seeking knowledge. For example, the Career Service team offers some of the following services.

  • Resume Building
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Interview Techniques
  • Guest Speakers

But, students might have other things holding them back from pursuing their dream job. Family obligations and lack of transportation shouldn’t stop you from applying something you’re passionate about. SCI offers childcare, housing, transportation, and more to aid students in their search for a potential future career.

Don’t forget that you could have access to these services after graduation! SCI’s student career services are available for graduates through their lifetime.

Employer Partner Services

Student career services not enough? Southern Careers Institute also offer employer partner services.

Perhaps the biggest question you have is, “What are employer partner services?” EPS is a program where schools partner with employers to create opportunities for graduates. Depending on your concentration, you could have the chance to potentially interview for other professionals in your field looking for candidates. SCI has partnered with employers in some of the following industries.

  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Business
  • HVAC

Program offerings vary by campus.

Earn a Degree at Southern Careers Institute

This information should have made it clear that SCI online programs are wholly dedicated to helping their students work towards their educational goals. Their digital classroom could provide a gateway to your next learning endeavor. Even after you’ve logged off for the last time, their services and reputation could stick with you through your potential future professional career.

For more information about any programs you’ve read about here, check out Here you could find out more about classes, the history of SCI, or even apply to your desired program.

*The numbers provided on this page reflect the statistics of Southern Careers Institute’s main campus in Austin, TX.

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