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About Independent and Distance Learning (IDL)

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Independent and Distance Learning (IDL) offers education to fit your life, with online courses that can be accessed at your pace from any location. You can use these courses to work toward your degree, to broaden your professional expertise, or simply to learn more about a subject that interests you. You can register at any time for IDL courses. The minimum required enrollment time is eight weeks.


Our Mission


IDL's mission is to offer University of Georgia caliber courses to students and individuals interested in earning academic credit through learning at a distance. IDL strives to broaden access to higher education by transcending barriers of geography and time, while meeting the highest academic standards, encouraging academic rigor, and requiring equivalent levels of student achievements and quality of courses regardless of delivery format. It allows flexibility of registration, permits students to register at any time, and to take a maximum of three courses simultaneously with up to nine months to complete each course.

More About IDL at The University of Georgia

Course Delivery and Technology

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Once registered, you will receive course access information via e-mail. You will also receive a student packet containing your IDL Student Handbook, notices, forms, and for some courses, special materials and instructions.

Earning Academic Credit

Academic credit earned through IDL is recorded on an official transcript by the University of Georgia Office of the Registrar and may be used to fulfill degree requirements according to the regulations of your college or university.

The maximum time allowed to complete an IDL course is nine months, though you are strongly encouraged to finish the course in less time. You must be enrolled in the course at least eight weeks, and all required lessons must be submitted and completed before taking your final exam. After the final exam, allow 30 days to receive your final grade.

Costs and Fees

Tuition for IDL courses is $236.00 per credit for in-state and out-of-state residents.

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