Where Is UMass Located?

University of Massachusetts is available online and also has four physical campuses available for students. Campus locations can be found in:

  1. Amherst
  2. Boston
  3. Dartmouth
  4. Lowell
  5. Worcester

Is UMassOnline Accredited?

UMass Online is regionally accredited. Before we explain, keep in mind that there are two types of accreditation: regional and national.

National accreditation is more common for trade and technical schools. National accreditation does not necessarily ensure that credits can be transferred from school to school. UMass Online is regionally accredited.

Regional accreditation helps ensure that credits can transfer from school to school. It also helps ensure that students who pursue degrees in certain subjects, such as teaching, accounting, and healthcare, can pursue licensure. Regional accreditation is typical for public research universities like the University of Massachusetts. 

Is UMassOnline regionally accredited?

UMassOnline is regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). It works with the University of Massachusetts and other regional schools to establish and maintain high standards and quality education.

Regional accreditation helps ensure that credits can be easily transferred between schools.   

Is UmassOnline hard to get into?

Even though UMassOnline offers programs that students can access without being on campus, its admissions standards and requirements vary by campus. Why is that? Primarily because UMassOnline offers the same courses to on-campus and online students. The only difference is that online students access their courses remotely. Therefore, you’ll be applying to programs offered by specific campuses.

How hard it is to get into UMassOnline therefore depends on the program and campus you apply to.  

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