Is UMass Online accredited?

UMass Online is regionally accredited. Before we explain, keep in mind that there are two types of accreditation: regional and national. National accreditation is more common for trade and technical schools. National accreditation does not necessarily ensure that credits can be transferred from school to school. UMass Online is regionally accredited.

Regional accreditation helps ensure that credits can transfer from school to school. It also helps ensure that students who pursue degrees in certain subjects, such as teaching, accounting, and healthcare, can pursue licensure. Regional accreditation is typical for public research universities like the University of Massachusetts. 

Is UMassOnline regionally accredited?

UMassOnline is regionally accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). The NEASC is an independent nonprofit organization. It works with the University of Massachusetts and other regional schools to establish and maintain high standards and quality education.

Regional accreditation helps ensure that credits can be easily transferred between schools.   

Is Umass online hard to get into?

Even though UMassOnline offers programs that students can access without being on campus, its admissions standards and requirements vary by campus. Why is that? Primarily because UMassOnline offers the same courses to on-campus and online students. The only difference is that online students access their courses remotely. Therefore, you’ll be applying to programs offered by specific campuses.

How hard it is to get into UMassOnline therefore depends on the program and campus you apply to.  

What kinds of programs can I find at UMass Lowell online?

Lowell is the University of Massachusetts’ largest online campus. It offers certificate, bachelor’s, and graduate degree programs. You can also take courses independent from a degree program. Here are some of the programs and subjects UMass Lowell offers:

  • The Associate of Science in Information Technology (this is UMass Lowell’s only associate degree program)
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Business administration
  • Criminal justice
  • Information technology
  • Behavioral management
  • Domestic violence prevention
  • Security management/Homeland security
  • Education

This are just some of many programs you might take and subjects you might study at UMass Lowell.

What Umass Lowell online graduate programs are available?

UMass Lowell Online has numerous graduate-level certificate, master’s, and doctorate degree programs available.

Some master’s degree programs include:

  • Engineering Management
  • Master of Arts in Criminal Justice
  • Master of Arts or Science in Security Studies (international security or industrial and economic security)
  • Master of Science in Accounting or Finance
  • Master of Science in Health Informatics
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction
  • Master’s in Information Technology

Some doctorate degree programs include:

  • The Doctor of Education (Ed.D)
  • The Education Specialist Degree (Ed.S)

The UMass Online Lowell campus offers a particularly high number of graduate certificate programs. Clinical psychology, domestic violence prevention, foundations of business, and paralegal studies name just a few.

What kinds of programs can I find at UMass Amherst online?

Amherst is the University of Massachusetts’ flagship campus. Through its online programming, you can primarily pursue certificates, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees. You can also take classes without pursuing a particular degree. Some programs and subjects you can study include:

  • Arts Management (the campus’ only certificate program)
  • The Associate of Science in Sustainable Food and Farming (the campus’ only associate’s degree program)
  • Advocacy and social justice
  • Applied psychology
  • Business studies
  • Children’s learning and development
  • Journalism
  • Public health
  • Nursing practice
  • Science education
  • Accounting

These are just some of many options for programs and subjects at UMass Amherst.

What types of Umass Boston online programs exist?

UMass Boston has a large and diverse student body. Many of these diverse students take online courses across disciplines. These disciplines may be offered through certificate, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or graduate degree programs. Here are some of the many programs and disciplines UMass Boston offers:

  • Addiction counseling
  • Global affairs
  • Gerontology
  • Instructional design
  • Clinical nursing
  • Critical and creative thinking
  • Business analytics
  • International development
  • Project management

These are just some of the many subjects you can study through UMass Online Boston.

UMass Boston is also the site of the College of Advancing and Professional Studies. CAPS is responsible for developing the UMass Boston Online programming. They help ensure that online education through UMass Boston is high quality.

Do I have to be in a program to take UMass Boston online classes?

In many cases, no. However, whether or not you can take classes without being enrolled in a program depends on the program. Find a program that offers the courses you would like to take and talk to an advisor to determine your options.

You can also explore your options be visiting pages for UMass’ four other campuses: Amherst, Dartmouth, Lowell, and Medical. If you don’t want to pursue a degree, consider pursuing a certificate program. Certificate programs typically include five to seven courses. 


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