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The University of Central Missouri (UCM) experience transforms students into lifelong learners, dedicated to service, with the knowledge, skills and confidence to succeed and lead in the region, state, nation and world.

UCM, through the School of Graduate and Extended Studies, is committed to providing course work and degree programs at locations and times which meet the needs of its students. With a sharp focus on quality education, Central Missouri's extended studies facilities and distance learning technologies can help you achieve your continuing education and professional development goals.


Why Online? Flexibility!

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In this fast paced society where the responsibilities of family and job come first, finding precious time to attend class isn't always possible. That is why UCM can meet your needs with our online classes. Course work, deadlines, test, and research papers all apply to an online class. The difference is when! You decide when it is convenient for you to attend class, if you are sitting at your computer at 2 p.m. or 2 a.m — the choice is yours.

Advance Educational Technology

Online students are able to access all the materials necessary for their courses through Blackboard®. UCM also utilizes iTunes U so lectures, documents, podcasts, and videos can be downloaded and accessed from a smartphone and/or MP3 player.

Support for Distance Learning Students

Central Missouri strives to provide superior resources and services to all our students, regardless of location. All students are provided with access to: electronic library resources; information regarding payments, grades, and enrollment; as well as free student e-mail. There is also an online writing center, and your textbooks can be ordered and purchased online. Technical help is available by telephone 24-hours a day to provide assistance with computer or network problems. Enrolled students are also provided with access to Atomic Learning, an online library of short, easy-to-understand tutorials to troubleshoot quick problems.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available from UCM. You may apply for federal grant and loan assistance to help you with your educational expenses by completing and submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), school code 002454. However, to qualify for funding, you must be fully admitted to a degree or teacher certification program offered by UCM, and enroll each semester on at least a half-time basis (4 or more graduate hours).

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