University of the Sciences


University of the Sciences

The University of the Sciences is committed to excellence in teaching, research, and service. The university strives to develop innovative, dynamic leaders in science, healthcare, and related fields by fostering your passion for discovery and learning in these exciting areas. Programs incorporate up-to-date curricula and coursework that is relevant to current issues and challenges in science and healthcare, helping you position yourself for career success and personal fulfillment throughout your career.

University of the Sciences is the place where healthcare and science converge-and where students with the desire to make positive contributions to society can find a community of like-minded, enthusiastic classmates and instructors while launching a new career or advancing their current one. University of the Sciences is a top research university with nationally recognized faculty.

Online Learning at the College of Graduate Studies

The philosophy of the University of the Sciences is to provide you with high-quality graduate-level courses in a flexible, convenient manner. Our online courses are taught by University of the Sciences faculty and other highly-qualified experts and are constantly updated to ensure that their content is current and relevant in today's science and healthcare fields. As a graduate student at University of the Sciences, you'll not only receive an education in your profession and field of study, but also develop advanced skills in critical thinking, effective communication, as well as being able to work well a variety of group settings.

A Supportive Environment Where You Can Achieve

Access Articles and Resources from Our J.W. England Library

The library receives over 11,000 online journals, which are available on the campus network.

Transfer Credits toward Your Degree

If you have completed graduate level courses at other accredited institutions, University of the Sciences will evaluate them for possible transfer into the program as an elective. In order to have your courses evaluated you must submit a course description and syllabus for the course.

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