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Online Doctorate Degree Programs in Operations Management

If you are a person with a mind for planning, organizing and managing logistics, you may be interested in pursuing a career in operations management.i Operations managers may typically work for businesses or public sector organizations, and might help them create policies and processes to efficiently use their resources.i They may tend to be seen as dependable leaders, people who can take initiative while maintaining integrity and self-control.ii If that sounds like you, and you’d like to pursue high-level careers in logistics and related fields, you might be interested in earning a PhD in Operations Management Online. Keep reading for more information on how to do just that!

Essentials of a PhD in Operations Management Online

Typically the highest-level you can reach in American higher education,iii the doctorate degree may generally be considered a graduate degree, pursued after a student has already earned a bachelor’s degree.iv Sometimes, doctoral degree programs may require applicants to have already earned a master’s degree as well.v

Depending on the program, a doctoral course of study may take up to 6 years of full-time work.iv There may be a number of different types of doctoral degrees, but the most common might be the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), which can be earned in a number of different disciplines.iv Beyond this, though, there may be many different degrees that are considered equivalent to a PhD, including the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA).iii

Degree programs at the doctorate level may often center on a dissertation, which is a large-scale research project.iii This research may be assisted by faculty advisors, and students may need to present and successfully defend their dissertation in order to graduate.iii Not every program, though, may feature a dissertation, so be sure to check with the school beforehand to see what the structure of their course of study might be.

Coursework to Earn a PhD in Operations Management Online

Operations management can be a fairly wide ranging field, and might encompass a number of different subjects.i Because of this, and since different schools may have different requirements, it’s difficult to say exactly what your coursework might look like if you choose to pursue a Doctorate in Operations Management. Some examples of courses that might be offered in a PhD in Operations Management online, though, could include:

  • Research methods
  • Management strategies
  • Business innovation
  • Global supply chain
  • Information technology

If there are specific subjects you want covered during your Doctorate in Operations Management, make sure to reach out to the schools you’re considering about their curriculum. Not every program will offer the class topics listed above.

Offline Requirements

Another aspect of online Doctorate in Operations Management programs you should look into before applying is whether they have any offline requirements. While online degree programs typically feature virtual and remote coursework, they may sometimes have aspects that must be completed in person, such as residencies. Be sure to check this directly with the school before applying, especially if it might impact your ability to complete the program.

Career Pursuits in Operations Management

One important thing to know about earning a Doctorate in Operations Management is that it might not be required to pursue careers in the field. Many positions may require only a bachelor’s degree, and occasionally a master’s degree.iv One of these positions might be as a management analyst, professionals who consult with organizations to help them improve the way they work.vii In 2015, management analysts earned a median yearly salary of $81,320.viii

Getting Started on Your Doctorate in Operations Management

If you’re ready to begin your search for the perfect online Doctorate in Operations Management degree, start right here on You can check out our sponsored listings, and if any program catches your eye, don’t hesitate to reach out to the school itself for further information. Remember to ask about their course offerings and requirements, including any potential in-person requirements.

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