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What is an Online Masters in Liberal Arts?

Pursuing an online masters in liberal arts allows you to study in depth a variety of subjects, from languages to sciences to the arts. And the popularity of this particular degree has held strong in recent years. In 2001 there were 3,193 liberal arts master’s degrees awarded. In 2011, there were 3,971.i

What Could You Pursue with an Online Masters in Liberal Arts?

A masters in liberal arts may be the foundation for careers in government, business, the arts or education. You may also use your liberal arts master’s degree as a stepping stone towards working in higher education, getting a Ph.D., or going on to further education such as law school.

Potential Salaries?

  • College professor: $62,050ii
  • Editor: $51,470ii
  • Lawyer: $112,760ii

What Will You Study?

One of the great things about liberal arts, is that there are so many subjects to study. Your courses may include religion, literature, writing, psychology, fine arts, physics, a foreign language, and science.

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