Doctorate in Information Systems and Enterprise Resource Management
California Intercontinental University

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A Doctorate of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Information Systems and Enterprise Resources Management is a professional doctorate program designed to help students perform applied research and transforms mature Learners into Leaders. While learning the most advanced decision-making skills and techniques, Doctoral candidates also develop talent in research and writing skills that accompany high-level of responsibility in the academic and business environments. It enables students to improve their analytical ability, strategic thinking, process implementation, and makes them think beyond industry applications. It is designed to prepare students for careers in high level management and consulting in Information Systems planning, development and support. Students pursing this Emphasis will learn about information technology, knowledge management, information security, and information systems impact at all levels of an organization. This Emphasis prepares students to be decision makers, planners, and evaluators or information systems options, platforms, and performance. Individuals with experience in computers and information systems and who are looking for a career in business management and consulting will receive more credibility and recognition from the market place.


ADVISE™ is the Learning Model designed specifically for the Master program. Each of the letters in the acronym ADVISE explains an interactive component of the course-- Analysis of business concepts using case study, Determination and application of key concepts using e-learning methods, Visualizing through virtual field trips using videos, Interactive and innovative simulations, Sharing the knowledge gained through presentation, and finally Exploring the industry and documenting your research findings to produce a report that will integrate what has been learned.

AccreditationDistance Education and Training Council Accrediting Commission
RequirementsStudents must have a masters degree from an accredited institution, and 10 years professional experience.
Delivery FormatEntirely Online
Education LevelDoctorate
Cost Per CreditMaster Tuition: $295 Doctorate Tuition: $345
Credits Required60
Credits to Complete60
Additional Financial Aid info CalUniversity offers flexible payment plans as well as a variety of scholarship programs so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.
Number of starts Dates8
Course Length6