719 Online Degree Programs Available in Public Affairs & Social Sciences

Why Choose an Online Public Affairs Degree?

Society is organized around the institutions that provide structure, safety and support for its citizens. Individuals in law, social services, education, and government serve society by working to keep order while trying to improve the system as a whole. Most of these jobs will be found in the public sector,... which represents the government's allocation and delivery of goods and services for its constituents on the national, regional, or local/municipal level. Public schools, law enforcement, and most social services are run through government entities. However, the private sector furnishes many of these goods and services as well, including private school education, charity work, and independent law practice. If this sounds of interest to you, you may want to pursue an online public affairs degree.

Many non-public institutions that provide social services are not-for-profit. Non-profit organizations are run by unpaid Boards of Directors rather than owners or shareholders, and any surplus funds they receive must go toward furthering their mission. Non-profit organizations are designed to meet needs that public institutions don't, or are restricted, from fulfilling.

Professionals in this field are often driven by a desire to change society for the better. Because of the collaborative nature of the work, individuals must have excellent communications skills and an innovative way of thinking. Turning ideals into reality is no easy task, but our world has always depended on this kind of leadership to make things better for the rest of us.

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