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Online Education and Teaching Degrees - Median Annual Earnings in 2012 for an Elementary/Middle/High School Principal $87,760People who are attracted to the field of education have an affinity for helping others achieve their goals, whether that's a kindergartener who needs to... master his ABC's or a working professional pursuing an advanced degree in her field. Online education degree programs can help someone excel in this career relm. The most common job in education is teaching. In addition to being an academic profession, teaching requires keen social skills and moral integrity. Teachers act as counselors, mentors, and developmental specialists to students of all ages. Nearly all of us have had a special teacher whose impact on our lives still affects the way we see the world.

A working education system also depends on dedicated administrators. Principals working in elementary, middle, and secondary schools set the educational standards and goals for the teaching and student population they oversee; at the post-secondary level, academic policies and programs are run by provosts and deans. On the regional level, administrators in school district offices help shape policy and keep groups of schools focused on the big picture.

Education is a noble calling for driven individuals who want their work to be an investment in the future. While the world that our children inherit is sure to differ from our own in a variety of ways, a thriving education system is the best way to ensure that those changes are for the better. Learn more about pursuing online education degree programs today.


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