Looking for Online College Degrees? You Could Potentially Earn Close To $22,500 MORE Per Year with A College Degree

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The Internet has become a tool for some people who want to enhance their education, but need an alternative to the traditional college environment. Not surprisingly, online college degree programs are continuing to grow, with both local traditional colleges and accredited online colleges choosing to offer them[ii].  According to a poll conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management:  87% of HR professionals agree that online degrees are viewed more favorably today than they were five years ago. And according to the same poll, 79% of organizations aked had hired job applicants with online degrees in the last 12 months (of the time of the poll)[iii].

Is An Online College Degree Program Right For Me?

Online college degrees programs may provide flexibility that you require. Your classes could fit your schedule, which is ideal for students with work and/or family responsibilities. You don’t have to get to the college campus to take courses, which may save you money on transportation costs. But you need discipline organization and focus to force away distractions, set a schedule for yourself and complete the work.

What Could I Do With An Online College Degree?

The answer here depends on what you’re interested in. There are all sorts of online degree programs available today, including nursing, computer and information sciences, business and general studies. You can even get a master’s degree online. In fact, 9% of students going for a master’s degree today are doing it entirely online[iv].

What Subjects are Online Degrees Available in?

Online degrees are available in a wide variety of subjects from business administration, psychology, healthcare management, education, nursing, information technology, criminal justice and so much more.