Online Doctorate Degrees

If you’re thinking about earning a doctoral degree, you’re already familiar with the higher education system. You’ve earned a bachelor’s degree and possibly a master’s degree, as well. Through your studies and your college experiences, you’ve probably learned that some academic hurdles are just old-school requirements. They don’t really help you in your professional life and they’re out of touch with modern career realities.

Online degrees are removing some of academia’s unnecessary hurdles—specifically, the one that forces busy, adult students to attend in-person classes. A wide variety of online colleges and universities offer online doctorates, PhDs, and professional degrees. They all believe in e-learning’s untapped value—as a means of educating advanced students like you, and as a way of redefining specific disciplines. From education to healthcare, from business to technology: online doctorate programs are quite literally what’s yet to be discovered in your field.

Online doctorate programs connect working professionals from all across the country. They may make it possible for qualified students to access big-name programs and acclaimed institutions without putting careers on hold or even relocating. Many online doctorates do require periodic colloquia—compressed seminars at a campus location. As annual or semi-annual events, these meetings may help doctoral students solidify professional relationships, prepare for dissertation requirements, or optimize any capstone projects involving group work components.

Most importantly, online doctorate degrees may allow students to incorporate their working lives and professional interests into highly dynamic programs of study. At this stage in your education, you have clear ideas about where you’re headed and what you hope to accomplish. An online doctorate might help you formalize those goals, while providing the support and encouragement of knowledgeable advisors and cohorts.

So get ready to take the next step in your academic journey. Less than two percent of Americans hold doctorate degrees.[i] For a resume and a CV that’s as distinctive as you are, explore your online doctorate options today.