130 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Business

What Are the Potential Benefits of Online PhD Programs in Business?

Beyond the master's level, there are graduate degrees in business you could pursue. At the doctoral level, you could enroll in an online Doctor of Business Administration program, or DBA, program for short.

If you're looking to become an expert in the field of business, an online DBA may be the... degree for you. As is the case with doctoral credentials in other subjects, this is a research degree that will require you to provide and defend a dissertation.

However, the DBA isn't the only terminal degree graduate schools offer, as you could also work toward a Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. The PhD is more tailored toward students who wish to pursue careers in higher education settings as business professors.

Advanced roles?

By the time you complete your studies at the doctoral level, you may possess a unique mix of advanced knowledge and skills that could prepare you for some of the business field's most specialized professions.

For instance, not just anybody can teach the next generation of business professionals. That's why colleges and universities typically require professors in business to hold a PhD in this field. If you have your sights set on pursuing such a career, you could expect to divide your time between educating students, researching and publishing scholarly materials.

A PhD, as well as a background in business, could also serve you well in pursuing a career as an economist. In this line of work, you may research and analyze data to help organizations, governments and the public better understand economic issues. This may allow you to become an expert on the production and distribution of goods and services.

The pay?

Past experience and your employer are among the factors that will influence how much you could potentially earn following your time in graduate school. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics provides a sense of your potential salary, based on these median annual wages:

  • Postsecondary teacher (business): $73,660i (19 percent employment growth projected through 2020)ii
  • Economist: $91,860iii (14 percent employment growth projected through 2020)iv

Extensive experience?

After completing degree programs at multiple levels, you may likely have acquired and honed an array of business skills that could serve you well in the career you have chosen to pursue. However, whether you wish to pursue a career as a professor or an economist, there are certain skills you could benefit from having, including those related to communication and critical thinking. In addition, the research you conduct is likely to call on strong analytical skills.

Online PhD programs in business are likely to feature a mix of courses on topics such as leadership and research, as well as a period of independent study. While earning a terminal degree will mean a significant investment of your time and a lot of hard work, you will be studying at the highest level in your field, which certainly could enhance your career down the line.


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