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Become a Pharmacy Technician
RATED 5 STARS! (18 ratings, 969 students enrolled as of 6/16/2015)
A Video Study Guide for the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam

This course is designed to help students learn the concepts needed to become a certified pharmacy technician (C. Ph.T).  Many different topics are covered in the course, including pharmacy law, common abbreviations, commonly used calculations, and many other skills used by pharmacy technicians in their day to day tasks.  Utilizing the advantages of a self-paced course, student will be able to prepare to take the certification exam needed to work as a pharmacy technician.  Get Started

What are Pharmacology & Pharmacy Certificate Programs Online?

If you had to pick a century to be sick or injured, the 21st Century would undoubtedly make it to the top of the list. That is because this century has amassed an impressive record of modern advances in healthcare, technology, and medicine such that doctors of the past century would likely be blown away. There have never been more opportunities available to diagnose and remedy a wide variety of illness. One important component of the multifaceted healthcare field is its advances in pharmaceutical science. Whether it is antibiotics to recover from invasive surgical procedures, to painkillers that manage chronic symptoms — drugs are now available in increasing varieties and strengths.

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