39 Online Associate Degree Programs Available in Business Administration & Management

Why Pursue an Associates Degree in Business Administration

Almost any job above entry-level requires some degree of management, whether of projects, accounts, or staff. Across every industry, it takes skill to be a good manager, and demonstrating strength in this area benefits your company as well as your personal career prospects.

An associates degree in business administration online is... designed to teach you how to approach practical work situations and hone your overall business strategy. Programs may either be industry-specific, such as healthcare or financial management, or they may focus on general business principles and draw professionals from diverse work backgrounds. Fundamentals may include business ethics, leadership, communications, statistics, and technology.

Many professionals enter applied management programs with years of experience, but understand that possessing an associates degree in business administration online is a valuable credential in the job market. In some companies, a certain degree level (such as a Bachelor's or Master's) may be required for advancement. These same companies will often subsidize their employees' continued education, and with the preponderance of high-quality online business programs, getting a degree while working full-time is more realistic than ever.


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