22 Online Doctorate Degree Programs Available in Organizational Leadership

Why Pursue an Online PhD in Organizational Leadership?

Do you have the traits of a natural-born leader? Have you ever considered capitalizing on these characteristics by pursuing a profession that would allow you to delegate and direct? If so, then earning a PhD in Organizational Leadership online may be an invaluable step in realizing this objective. By enrolling... in this program, you could gain knowledge and foster skills that will set you up for success.

Whether you're evaluating ethical issues to make decisions or evaluating interpersonal dynamics to ensure collaboration throughout your teams, your in-depth educational training will give you the tools to handle each situation with finesse.

A range of employment opportunities to pursue in organizational leadership
While a bachelor's degree may serve you well when it comes to securing other positions, upper-level jobs will likely require you to go above and beyond in every way, including your education. Every organization, ranging from major corporations to higher education institutions, usually needs a team of fearless and adept leaders. This means that if you were to complete your PhD in Organizational Leadership, you may have a greater chance of opening up a world of employment opportunities in a wide array of fields. No matter the industry you decide to enter, your advanced degree could prove useful in helping you pursue a position with greater responsibilities and more authority.  

Possible salaries in organizational leadership
The amount of money that you could make after earning your PhD in Organizational Leadership depends on a number of factors. For instance, the exact field into which you go plays a key role. Additionally, the exact list of duties that a job would require you to complete contributes to your potential annual income. Take a look at the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' salary estimates at just a few of the possible paths that you could take with this degree under your belt.

  • Administrative services manager: Median annual salary of $81,080 (12 percent growth through 2022)[i]

  • Sales managers: median annual salary of $105,260 (8 percent growth through 2022)[ii]

  • Human resources managers: Median annual salary of $99,720 (13 percent growth through 2022)[iii]

  • Top executives: Median annual salary of $168,140 (11 percent growth through 2022)[iv]

Additional skills for careers in organizational leadership
Although a PhD in Organizational Leadership could give you a solid set of building blocks from which you may be able to launch your career, there are other competencies that you may need to better your chances of success. As you can imagine, due to the vast number of leadership roles that every organization in the nation's economy has, the skills that could complement your PhD and allow you to excel range considerably.

For instance, if you were to seek an upper-level position at an IT firm, you should have a comprehensive background in tech and have the proper training in this field to go along with your leadership degree. At the same time, pursuing a high-ranking position in sales would require you to have ample knowledge and experience in the business world. At the end of the day, authoritative roles at any organization are likely to expect you to have additional skills in whichever niche field of expertise you are exploring - but your PhD in Leadership could be the perfect way to round off your resume.  

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